los angeles, california
Los Angeles is the City of Angels, but its now the City of the Charmed Sons. After the loss of their adopted sister and two of their cousins by the hands of a new Source (who is unlike any the Halliwells had faced), Wyatt and Chris moved to L.A. as well as their family. There's new evil, new challenges, and everything in between. Where do you stand?
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New skin! We also have a bit of a change in the canons. If you noticed, the source and co. are gone. There's only a few Halliwells on here and the Romanov family. If you like a canon that isn't listed, please see us first. I wanted it to be narrowed down. We also will be doing another activity check but I noticed there's only a few of us, so that will be on hold until next month. As you noticed, we have a spotlight on some canons that are very much needed. I may replace that with wanted ads so if you want yours to be on display, let me know. I'll see if I can do it to where you can click on it and it takes you to the ad.
thank you to miss texas for the skin and black for the custom forum scripts. Thank you to those who was in charge of The Charmed Sons campaign. Otherwise I wouldn't had made this site. The Charmed Sons' title "The Charmed Sons" belongs to them. All work on here belongs to their own authors. Please do not steal anything from this site. Its not nice. The code for the code thingy is by Nicole (thunderstruck on caution and shadowplay)

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angel minenhle nkosi WITCH 22-May 18 6
arelisamun khamun omni DEMON 18-January 18 43
catherine cooper WITCHLIGHTER 20-July 13 246
christian alexander lee PHOENIX WITCH 6-July 18 65
dorian phillip turner WITCH/DEMON Yesterday at 01:53 am 3
fáelán eóghan ó conghalaigh WEREWOLF 21-April 18 12
henry samuel mitchell jr. WITCHLIGHTER 30-July 18 3
jenni PO2 STAFF 13-August 18 1
jonathan richard hopkins HUMAN 18-January 18 18
maria ivanovna vetrova VAMPIRE 18-January 18 53
mikhail maximovich kolesnikov VAMPIRE Yesterday at 12:23 pm 4
olenna apple mormont WITCH 29-July 18 4
paisley joanna halliwell NEWBIE 6-August 18 0
tia PO2 STAFF 30-November 12 110
wyatt matthew halliwell THE CHARMED SONS 27-July 18 4
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